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Why should I hire a planner?

It can take over 250 hours to plan a wedding, and many couples often find themselves drowning in the details. Hiring a planner is making an investment in your friends, family and guests. Just because you’re a great baker, doesn’t mean you should bake your own wedding cake. If you’re building a house, you would naturally hire a construction company. We are the professionals in our industry with experience and vendor relationships who will handle the details, act as a neutral party, troubleshoot any problems without you knowing, and keep your timeline flowing for a stress-free and happy day.

When should I hire a planner?

We recommend working with a planner shortly after you get engaged. We can offer industry incentives or discounts, help you secure the wedding venue, and procure the rest of your wedding team. 12 to 18 months is an ideal timeframe to plan a wedding, while 3 to 6 months is an ideal timeframe to hire a day-of-coordinator.

What is the difference between a venue coordinator, and a wedding planner?

Most good venues will have an event coordinator. However, this coordinator usually looks out for the best interest of the venue, and only manages details that affect the venue directly. In comparison, a wedding planner has your best interests at heart, manages all aspects of your wedding, and works with all your vendors directly. Moreover, venues often have a high turnover rate among the coordinator / sales positions, and its likely that the person who booked your wedding may not be there a year, or year and a half later.

What is the difference between day-of-coordination, and full-service coordination?

Coordinating your wedding day effectively and professionally requires experience, skill, time, and some advanced planning, which is why day-of-coordination usually starts 6 to 8 weeks from your date. You will plan and secure all your vendors, needs, and details, but the ship won’t steer itself on your wedding day. We step in to finalize the outstanding elements, troubleshoot as necessary, manage your vendor team, and execute your wedding rehearsal and wedding day.

With full service coordination, we help you plan everything from start to finish, whether it’s for the wedding day only,  or for a weekend of events. We help with your budget, create and manage your timeline, recommend, negotiate with, and secure vendors, as well as review, facilitate, and attend site selection and walk-throughs. We also help with the logistical details; guest list management, floor plans, contracts, payment deadlines, etiquette, and on-site management. We are on-site from set-up to tear-down to coordinate and execute all the logistics and finer details.


What is the difference between a wedding planner, and an event designer?

A wedding planner is organized, efficient, timely, and logistically minded. Budget development and tracking, timelines, floor plans, contracts, and deadlines come second to nature to us, and we help you review and finalize all your wedding documents. We will recommend, secure, and manage your wedding vendors, as well as execute all the logistics for both the wedding rehearsal, and the wedding day itself.

An event designer is creative, and focuses on the overall aesthetic of your wedding day, rather than the logistical details. Looking at both the big-picture, and the finer details, we will listen to your needs and desires, view your event space, access the logistical parametres of your wedding, and understand your ideal budget. We will then develop a cohesive design proposal that outlines the details required to execute your wedding concept. On-site, our point of view is that of a camera lens, and we will style and stage your attire and accessories, invitation suite, tablescape, props, and more, in order to create the most aesthetically pleasing photos or guest experience.


Do you only work with certain venues and vendors?

We are always happy to work with new venus and vendors. However, the benefit of using our preferred venues and vendors is that they are tried and tested. We know that they are reliable, and recommend them with more confidence than those who we have not worked with before.




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